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Nothing comapres to the simple and long flight of the NXT Tour. Super speed, these balls fly throughout the air with ease. Just like the NXT Tour, but S stands for substantial distance. The original and ultimate Pro golfers choice ball when it comes to hitting the links. If you?re a fan of SRIXON, and you like your balls to fly further, grab a box of these puppies. For the ultimate approach and tip tapping putter, these balls will surely drop your handicap. What can I say more than these balls are red, and Nike's supreme core texture is built in to last. The regular cup of joe and the regular everyday ball, the NDX will get you from the first tee to the last. If you're in a RUSH to get your game together and earn your first eagle? then these are the balls for you! Who doesn?t doubt a good taylormade product. From clubs to balls, its never a miss, but all hits. One of the top competing brands in golf, callaway has made a supreme soft ball that you will enjoy through all 18. If the Callaway chrome softs are a bit too hard, come on over to the supersoft side and test these babies out!